The Characteristics of Temporary Workers in France

temporary workers in france

In January, the number of temporary workers in France increased by 14.0%, according to Prism’Emploi, the French association of employment agencies. The rise is the second consecutive month of growth for this industry, which the association attributes to an acceleration in economic activity and the need for replacement employees caused by the omicron variant. Temp employees were most commonly employed in the services sector, where they accounted for 24.2% of employment, while the industry sector suffered a slight decline of 0.4%. More info –

Multinational Companies Seeking Temporary Workers

This article analyses the characteristics of temporary workers in France and uses data from a large study conducted by the Regional Labor Department of Lorraine in 2008/2009 to draw conclusions. The study included two surveys of temporary employees, in the fields of civil engineering, construction, and industry. Overall, the study reveals that temporary employees are more prone to occupational accidents than permanent employees. In addition, these workers often have to adjust to changing work contexts.

In spite of the relatively high levels of temporary employment in France, it is unlikely to cause political costs. Although temporary workers are a legitimate form of employment, the regulations governing them are not as strict as those for permanent workers. However, despite the draconian regulations and high unemployment rate, many temporary workers are still unable to get permanent employment. In spite of this, the government still aims to protect the interests of permanent workers through regulation of this sector.

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