Social Entrepreneur Marc Kielburger

Social Entrepreneur Marc Kielburger is a Canadian-born humanitarian. He co-founded the ME to WE charity and won the Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University. This social enterprise sold products with a conscience and donated half of the profits to the WE Charity. In 2006, he founded the We Day festival, an international youth empowerment festival that attracts over 200,000 participants. In 2008, he was inducted into the Walk of Fame.

How to Know About Social Entrepreneur Marc Kielburger

Since then, Marc Kielburger has expanded the WE family of organizations to engage 4.3 million young people in active service. Every year, WE Day events fill stadiums across the world. Through his company, ME to WE, he and his partner Craig Kielburger provide more than 4.3 million students with the opportunity to create lasting change in their communities. In addition to his work with nonprofits, he has also been active in the business world, managing charity programs at Unilever and Walgreens.

A former executive at Nike, Kielburger now works as a social entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of the ME to WE charity, which provides environmentally-friendly clothing and international volunteer trips. He also runs leadership training programs and publishes books on social change. He has built the WE group of organizations to involve 4 million young people in service and has received 10 honorary degrees. He has also been chosen as one of the World Economic Forum’s 250 Young Global Leaders.

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