How to Choose a Modern Front Door

How to Choose a Modern Front Door

If you want to add a contemporary feel to your home, top modern front door consider installing a modern front door. Not only can it add a stylish accent, but it can also be useful for achieving a more spacious feel inside. To get an eye-catching and appealing front door, use these tips:

Choose a front door in a dark color that complements the overall style of your house. For example, a dark black door will not look too dark and will be a perfect match for a brick-faced house. The black color of a modern front door is ideal for a contemporary or modern style home. Choose a front door that contrasts with warm wood accents like Ipe siding. A door with a frosted glass side light is also a stylish choice.

Another modern front door style is a flat, smooth panel pivot style with glass side panels and a long pole handle. This door style does not have horizontal paneling, but instead consists of vertical panels with no border trim. It’s painted a dark chocolate brown color and is finished with black frame and hardware. Its glass side panels are wide and feature matching square deadbolts. In a similar vein, a gleaming stainless steel door handles with a matching square deadbolt are great options for a contemporary front door.

If you want to add an artistic touch to your modern front door, try a door that features a wavy wood pattern. This design isn’t very common, but its minimalistic look is very striking. The door also has a mail slot. Another modern design is the laser-carved door. The artist carved it with a floral imprint that extends along the side of the frame. It also features a fine aerial view. The door is finished with an aluminum coating to add visual weight to the front facade.

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