Health Issues and Illnesses Linked to Vaping

Several studies have linked vaping to health issues and illnesses. The resulting reports have caused regulators to take action. These efforts include banning vape products from being sold to underage customers and requiring retailers to update age restrictions.

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E-cigarettes are devices that heat a special liquid and produce an aerosol. They are rechargeable or disposable. They vary in size and shape. Some look like pens and USB sticks, while others look like cigars.

Vape products are regulated by the FDA, which has an online tool for reporting problems. The FDA is interested in reports of defective tobacco products, damaged products, and unexpected health issues. It also accepts reports of dietary supplements and animal foods.

One recent study found that the flavoring chemicals in vape juice can cause toxic effects on the body. The findings raise questions about Juul, the most popular vape device in the market.

A study from Johns Hopkins University found that six chemicals found in vape products are potentially harmful. The study also found that some vape products contained caffeine, a chemical that can cause heart problems.

The FDA has also banned vape products from being sold to underage users. Although many states already have age restrictions, retailers may not always enforce them.

Several studies have shown that even nicotine-free vape products contain trace amounts of nicotine. However, it is still unknown whether vaping is as safe as cigarette smoking.

Some people argue that vaping is safer than traditional cigarettes. However, a recent report from the World Health Organization found that there is insufficient evidence to support this claim.

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