Fashion Choices for College Juniors


A onesie is an acronym for “undershirt”, and it refers to a style of snug, loosely fitted casual jumpsuit for young adults made from either cotton nylon, or polyester. Originating from the UK’s kilt wear, these days, you’ll find them available in virtually every colour under the sun. The most popular one’s style is the one with a V-neckline, although they can be found in a variety of colours from cream to blue. It’s recommended that you shop around before deciding on which one is right for you. The best onesies tend to be those that have been tailored to your body measurements; as such, they should be reasonably fitting and loosely fitted, and not be too tight or too loose.


In many ways, the onesies resemble the short skirts worn by college students – with their baggy or loosely fitting nature. The key difference between the two is the neckline. The short skirts usually feature a high neckline, while the onesies feature a V-neckline and a tapered, low cut back. One prominent style features a button front, but others are open. It is sometimes suggested that college junior’s wear the onesies to complement their dress attire; but this really isn’t necessary. If you’re a college sophomore, it is entirely up to you whether you wear a onesie or a short skirt; but what’s important is that you look cool wherever you go!


Although they are primarily worn as a fashion statement, the onesies have evolved into more than just a fashion accessory. With its easy-to-wear, inexpensive nature, these days, you can also wear them to class or a formal event. You’ll be able to make any outfit look sophisticated and stylish, no matter what your age, because the design has been specifically designed to flatter your figure. Not only is this good for your self-image, but it’s also good for your budget.

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