Examples of Social Entreprenuers – Craig Kielburger and Molly Melching

Social entrepreneurs are individuals who have a purpose beyond making money. They create innovative products, services, or organizations that make a positive impact on society. They have a unique approach to solving economic and social problems that cuts across sectors and disciplines, and is based on common values. Depending on the cause, social entrepreneurs can tackle problems in any country or region and have the power to affect change on a large scale. Some of the most famous social entrepreneurs are those who evoke images of Mother Teresa, while others work to solve local problems.

Get Rid Of Examples Of Social Entreprenuers – Craig Kielburger And Molly Melching Once And For All

social entreprenuers

Social entrepreneurs focus on changing the world for the better. They often work to improve the system, develop a new solution, and lay out fair practices. An example of a successful social entrepreneur is Vinobha Bhave, the founder of the Land gift movement in India. This initiative helped allocate land to the untouchables, and she has since become a highly respected name in modern Indian history. By creating innovative solutions, social entrepreneurs have created a thriving market for their products and services.

A few examples of social entrepreneurs include Craig Kielburger, an activist and humanitarian, and Molly Melching, a chocolate-maker and creator of the Me to WE clothing line. The company’s profits go toward helping WE Charity sustain its work. The company’s products have appeared on the Oprah Winfred Show, 60 Minutes, and the BBC. The entrepreneur and his company are not only a successful social enterprise, but are also recognized as examples of how to bring a big impact through your small business.

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