Dabbing Tools And Gadgets For The Working Man

dabbing tools

If you dab your jewelry a lot, then you already have some type of dabbing tools, if not you should buy them as soon as possible. Most of these tools come in kits that include a set of tools that work together to create different designs, from simple circles and squares to more intricate patterns that are great for intricate bracelets or necklaces. You can also purchase some individual pieces separately to create unique designs that no one else may have. There is no limit to what you can create with jewelry dabbing tools.


Dabbing Tools – Basic Tools Dabbing Tools The main types of dabbing tools are as follows: Dabblers, Nailers, Bangers, Cheeks and Carb Caps Nailers are small metal tools that hold a nail file or other type of shape in the mouth of a metal tube, usually lined with paper tape or wax to keep the design secure while dabbing. Nails can be rounded, squared or curved depending on the look you are going for. Bangers are long metal tubes with several holes on the end that fits into the nail driver or other dabber. Many have a wire hook on the end of the tube to assist in removing stickers or other items.


Dabbing Tools – Types Of Jewelry Dabbing Tools Carb cap rings, stripers, marcasite beads, pearls and other stones can be used as dabbing tools. Carb caps are long metal strips with many holes on the edge, sometimes lined with fabric. They are used to dab diamonds and other gemstones into clothing, hair or other textiles. Marcasite beads are tiny gemstones that fit inside a small marcasite tube and give a nice polish and shine when added to jewelry or face masks.

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